Czech and Bohemian glass is highly valued, it is famous for the addition of lead to the composition of this glass. Thanks to this, it has such a transparent and very beautiful appearance. There is a wonderful online store where you can see this dazzling beauty Aleks-Crystal.com — bohemia cut crystal E-shop https://aleks-crystal.com/stopki-dlja-vodki/ You can hear the ringing of this beautiful product if.

  • draw to the edge of the product with a wet finger;
  • lightly hit with a glass or crystal stick on the wall of the product;
  • it is easy to touch one product on another («clink glasses» with glasses).
    Transparent glass of Bohemian crystal is almost invisible if some brightly colored drink is poured into it, it seems as if the drink is holding on by itself. It is so transparent, clean and durable material.
    Real Bohemian glass has no defects if it is perfectly flat, it should not have any irregularities, blurring or other defects. Carved glass should also not have any defects, everything should be done in accordance with GOST.

For this, the special cut and transparency of Bohemian glass in the sun plays with rainbow rays, like a vase or a glass for wine.
Colored Bohemian glass is of great value. The most common colors are blue, red, green.
Once you see the beauty of this product, you will not want to drink from another glass anymore.

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