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Kirk (Grigor) Kerkorian

After departure from Armenia of the man, whose credo absolutely refuted sad humility with "Armenian share", many did not only actively engage in sports, but elected a new way to achieve their aims under slogan "Why not!"

Grandfather of Kirk, Gaspard, emigrated from Kharberd to Southern California in 1890 and settled in San Joaquin Valley. Fifteen years later, his son Aharon married, and soon on the farm, donated by his father, four children ran up one after the other. They were going to get a good education, not in vain Aharon became one of the first Armenian millionaires in Fresno. However, the "great depression" revised all the plans, and Kirk went to work as adults did.

Until 1935, he helped the grocer. Then he decided to become a professional boxer and beated a punching bag long under leadership of his elder brother, then won forty-five fights out of forty-eight fights, and got a title of the "Golden Man".

In 1939 he became interested in aviation, entered on flight training, successfully graduated and due to familiarity with the general Redzher Prayono hit "Royal Air Forces" as a free pilot. When the commanders ordered to round up the squad for flights across the Atlantic, our hero thought, "Lindberg and Hughes managed to do that, so it is possible" and flew over the ocean 37 times. He became one of the famous military pilots, qualified for the mechanics, got a reputation of an expert on modern aircraft and of instructor, was a Human Resources Manager.

After the war he bought a decommissioned aircraft "C-47" and engaged in private pilots training simultaneously repairing the car. Then he sold the model and bought "F-24", resulted in the divine form and sold again. He bought again. Ans bought again. It grew in a little "green hill".

In 1947, Kerkorian created an airline, "the Los Angeles Air Service", with three aircrafts schedule in connection with the purpose of luring passengers on large airlines: Los Angeles - Las Vegas - night and day flights. In 1959 the firm was renamed in "Trans International" and became the property of "Studebaker" in exchange for $ 32 million.

"Fuss" with papers made Kirk income in 37, 6 million in the period from 1962 to 1969. It was time to do the hotels. Looking around, as it should, in Las Vegas, our inquisitive compatriot bought for a pittance a hotel, rebuilt and sold it for ten million, and won seven million. Another project - "Flamingo" - turned out to be even more "grateful" and was awarded 140 million after the grand building. More precisely - 139 million because one million was awarded to the incomparable Barbra Streisand for her ability to hold television audience during one day of the hotel opening demonstration.

Since 1968, area of spiritual elevation took over the hotel magnate's attention. Cinema. For a start, he became an owner of 40% shares of "Metro-Goldwin-Mayer", and a year later - an absolute master of it. In 1976 he joined "United Artists" to that cinema studio. Within 4 years he expanded to"Columbia Pictures", which, according to Kerkorian's own words, he got almost for nothing - for 75 million. Then it was the turn of "20th century Fox" ...

When private equity of the entrepreneur reached 800 million, he cooled down to trade and decided to go into the cinema as an art. The eighties featured passivity in the productions, and creative poverty affected the business. After suffering losses, Kerkorian hastened to get rid of "Columbia Pictures" and considered more reliable to invest in gambling.

In the remaining under his leadership companies he made organizational changes. Now the vice president of "Communication Company" James D. Alchian had direct instruction not to sign a contract with the producers without a clear plan until periods obligations. Excluding activities associated with prolongation of the picture, the studio saved 20-30 million per year. In addition, Kerkorian personally reviewed and approved the modal practice of the performances and shooting. That influenced the directors working on the free schedule as a discharge order. The cinema, captured by less fractious groups, had not been of particular interest, untill "Rain Man" released ...

In December 1987, "Fortune" published a list of the top 400 US millionaires. Kerkorian was included into its fifty-first.

Three years later, he sold "United Artists'" for one billion to Australian television unite and moved to the thirty-seventh place.

In early 1991, he laid out 277 million dollars for a share of 9.8% of the company "Chrysler", thus he committed a quite risky action, when the Corporation for ten years had been slowly loosing market and having new cars ready for release, continued to sell the models. However, that was quite a far-sighted action, considering Kerkorian focus on long-term benefits. The agreement of "Chrysler" with "Fiat" became so successful that over the next three years the main contributor's name appeared in the ranks on already 17th place with a figure of 36,000,000,000 dollars. After such supernatural flights he was called "Armenian on a magic carpet."

He's just an Armenian too. His special plane with the necessary for the disaster zone cargo landed at the airport "Zvartnots", to instill in people the belief in the unity of the nation.

1992. Telethon collected necessary funds sponsored by the US and Canadian communities, to help the beleaguered Artsakh. Kirk doubled that sum.

1994. Spurk collected money for Armenia. Kirk gave twice.

1996. The same actions.

1996. Kerkorian was in Armenia. "Property of the people", which earlier was told about, had finally become a reality. Pleasing to the eye...