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Avac Enfindzhyan (Enfiadzhyants)

Born in Samsun in the late 60s of the 19th century.
A founder of the "Tobacco Factory Enfindzhyan" in Tiflis.

" I spend sixty of every earned ruble - to produce and twenty - for the worker. If the worker is not hungry and dressed according to the season, he believes that I'm pleased with my twenty too ''.



In the city, no one could understand how that semi-literate man managed to reach such heights. As a seventeen year old boy appeared in Tiflis, he had no luggage bag but only a bag with tobacco leaves. For fifteen years that bag had expanded to the whole production and had become a model factory by the beginning of the 20th century.

That extraordinary Armenian managed to organize agents for market research and collection of information about the latest technology throughout Europe. The factory was supplied with machines and benches, made by the best engineers. In 1907, Enfindzhyan owned the first in Russia sleeves-assembling devicse, continuous packing lines and even antinicotinic filters. Later there a conveyor for the pack filling appeared.

Who knows what else an owner of that unique manufacture could invent but that revolution and Georgian Mensheviky' raidings changed the situation. In 1918, in order to avoid expropriation Enfindzhyan's relatives took with them necessary things and went to Belgium. After a couple of years, the company "Enfi" was opened in Brussels, its cigarettes gained popularity among the smokers of the 30s. That success allowed to reestablish old connections with Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, and friendly relations with Nubar Devletyan, the head of the Export Corporation, contributed to a spread of the goods around the world.

As for Enfindzhyan himself, a former industrialist and generous employer, the latest information about him evoke sad thoughts. He lost everything, at the end of his life he nestled in the lodge and was buried at the meager funds of his workers. Fortunately, they did not forget bothformer decent salaries and opened at the factory kindergartens, hospitals, primary school ...

Alongside cigarettes "Enfi" Belgia issued products of other tobacco clans of our compatriots. Missiryany, Charmertyany, Matosyany- which came from Turkish Armenia, united and, took over 1/3 of tobacco production on the continent. Every three Europeans smoked "Davros", "Araks" and "Marut".

In the early 40's Harutyun Cherkezyan emigrated to Belgium. "Tobesko S.A." founded by him cooperated with India and soon became the largest exporter. Moreover, that company was considered to be the first one in processing and storage of tobacco. For more than twenty years Cherkezyan had built factories with branches in India, corporations, including joint with Caro Martin from Calcutta.

Thus, for half a century the Armenians were monopolists on the resource base of Eastern countries and the major tobacco products providers in Europe.