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Antonio Kandir

Born in 1952 in Sao Paulo
Minister of economy and state planning in Brazil



In March 1916 Asatur Kandiryan family arrived by train in RES-el-Ain, a border town between Turkey and Syria, which was a transit point for Armenian caravans from Central Anatolia. Three months later replaced the old mayor "kaymakan", known for his rampant hatred towards Armenians, started the final stage of the plan of extermination "gyaury"(infidels), unchanged for many years. Frantically equipped caravans moved towards Ter Zor desert.

Halfway to their destination the Armenians were attacked by armed Chechens, who lived in the ruins of the once powerful kingdom of Mesopotamia and were subordinate to the central authorities of Aleppo. They were well aware of their own impunity and did not stint brutality. Underage Avak Kandiryan, holding tight to the hand of his younger brother Tonic, lost consciousness, when his eyes saw like the belly of a pregnant woman was ripped open in order to resolve the dispute about who is going to be born. When he awoke and did not find his brother, he ran away. He wandered until came to the German workers. He was brought to Aleppo and stayed in the Armenian monastery. Four years later, twelve years old Avak moved to Lebanon, and from there in 1923 - in Brazil.

He married, named the son as his missed brother - Antonio ...

After graduating Polytechnic Institute in Sao Paulo in 1975, Antonio Candiru received a degree in economics at the university. There he defended his doctoral thesis and enrolled in the Research Centre of Applied Economics at the position of the head of technological processes sector, where he developed new models to optimize machine. At the same time he worked in the field of planning in a private group "ITEM", then - in the centre "Chebrap", considered to be a prestigious scientific institution in the country. In 1983 he joined the Economics and coordination team of known financier Jose Sierra.

A year later our compatriot prepared and submitted to the President of Brazil economic program, which revealed his penchant for innovation.

Throughout the '80s, he lectured at the Polytechnic Institute and the University of Sao Paulo, as well as in the United States of America. In 1988 he defended another doctoral thesis in the field of finance. In 1989 he published the first book on the economic relations of Brazil with the United States. And he was appointed secretary to the Federal Government in 1990. However, he did not remain in that position for long, after having failed to convince the ruling Cabinet of the need to modernize the country's economy.

However, that was not in the nature of a talented economist to indulge in despondency. Immediately after the resignation he organized centre for implementation into the economy of the principle of "open trade rules", for business consolidation and improvement of product quality. Candiru's works on practical programming were praised by the president and appointed as a director of quality planning at the Ministry of Economy.

In 1991, Antonio Candiru founded the consulting office "Candiru and Assotsiades", which, being the first in the country, played an important role in public life. For several years, the head of the company released one after another several books, one of which - "Finance" - is considered the best in Brazil on this subject. In July 1996 he became minister of economy and state planning.

The correspondent of the Argentine newspaper "Armenia" met with Candiru and asked how he could facilitate the involvement of the Armenians of Argentine business community in developed by him "Mercosur".

- You should not have any doubts. All companies belonging to the Argentinean Armenians will be involved - of course, if they wish - in the "Mercosur". Moreover, I gave instructions to the organizing committee to negotiate directly with the union of Armenian businessmen to ascertain their conditions. This issue is at the forefront and fully controlled by me.

By the way, in 1991, Antony Candiru visited Armenia. He believes that if there is such a powerful scientific potential of people only a balanced approach to the economy is lacking to let the country of his ancestors to achieve a lot. In the same year, our famous compatriot on behalf of the President of Brazil awarded Catholicos Vazgen the highest award of the country - the Order "Cruzeiro".