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Alain Terzian

born in Paris.
The founder of the company "Alter Films". Cavalier of the Order of the Legion of Honor.
The holder of the medal of the city of Paris. Producer.

The degree of creative searches are best seen at the end of the way from talent to the public.



Thirty years ago, he led workshops on communication at the University "Paris-1" and, in principle, was pleased. When Claude Lellouche invited him to work at the studio, Alain initially refused. After some thought, he decided that a temporary stay in the role of assistant director can broaden his horizons and improve his profession. Who knows how soon he would have return to a former profession, if that attempt was not so successful.

Participating in the creation of several films, he no longer wanted to do anything other than cinema. Particularly he made a good selection of actor pairs. Alain Delon, Katrin Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu - Nathalie Bau ... Alain fully enjoyed his producer's talent unknown before,.

- I learned a lot from the true professionals and I gave all my being to the case. Hard work (quality, in my opinion, is very characteristic for the Armenians) offset lack of knowledge.

Terzian tends to make a comedy, but does not ignore the rest of the genre - '' as long as the story was entertaining. " He remembers with great pleasure about his work on "Rendezvous", where Juliette Binoche performed in her "star" role.

The best reward for the producer - is when the public realizes that a star is born before her eyes.

He always listens to intuition. If the film is not a success, he does not make advertising. Spectators can not be led by the nose, they do not forgive that.

Dropping 97% of all proposed scenarios, Terzian does not consider himself to be the rightest, but wants to be immuned to mistakes. Although the failures only spur him.

His ability to appreciate love or just a good relationship wins people over. He does not hide that he is proud of friendship with Delon or Depardieu, that Belmondo has a certain influence on him, that is surrounded by women like Sophie Marceau or a Matilda Ney and feels confident next to them.

But Terzian has ambitions also.

When my company "Alter the film" appeared on the first position in the list of existing enterprises on the basis of their work, I felt extremely proud. While awarding the Order of the Legion of Honor from the hands of Francois Mitterrand, the excitement did not allow me to say ... My mother, invited with me to the Elysee Palace, whispered at the entrance: «Could I know that after so many different events we we would be adopted by heads of the state ... After all, today is exactly seventy years since our entry into France. " My happiness knew no bounds ...

Alain's mother tried to instill in his son the best traits of the Armenians and strongly encouraged his slightest interest in the national culture. After watching the film of Henri Verneuil "Mayric", she cried: "If many years ago somebody told me that we, dressed like that, would see our history, I would not have believed ..." According to Terzian's opinion, she has not yet suspected him of having a vanity.

"Modesty! Modesty in every way! "How dare you behave in other way?,. Her impact on her well-known adult son is due to love and desire to see him impeccable.

- Once upon a time I asked my mother to write down her memories of the old country, the refugee, the first years of exile ... She gave me a dressing down: "You'd better become a member of the Armenian Blue Cross than went on my memories!" However, in recent years she began to send me two or three sheets ...

Alain Terzian hopes to see Armenian cinema worthy of support at festivals. Moreover, if he is provided with interesting material, he agrees to take on the organization of the film himself.

Communicating with famous Armenians, he likes to say in their own language a phrase understood by all Armenians:

- Who we were and what we became ...

And why, in fact, only the Armenians?

- Once Yves Montand asked for me to shoot the movie "Rive droite, rive gauche". When we sat in the car, he said ... on fluent Armenian, and so all the way. It turned out that the great artist grew up among our compatriots in Marseilles.

This entire conglomerate of observations, feelings, experience and character gives Alain Terzian right to say of himself:

- I'm more French than any French is, and I am as much Armenian as any other Armenian is.