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Hakob Arakelyan

Born in Ekaterinodar (Russia)
Author of the book "The art of makeup"

Tell me, Charlie, why French Armenians, who despite the excuses of our authorities, went to Armenia, call themselves the French, and those, who have returned, - prefer to be Armenians again? Jean-Paul Belmondo
(from the book "My life without make-up" by Hubeseryan)



After school, Hakob entered the local trade school, but soon in 1941 the war began and the boy was sent to study military affairs in Odessa. In 1916, Lieutenant Arakelyan as a part of the Russian expeditionary corps was sent to France, and then - to Greece, where he stayed until 1919.

In the same year he visited Armenia and met up with the artist Shahatuni. The meeting fundamentally influenced the rest of his fate. In 1921 he made a final decision concerning his aspirations, as it seemed to him, and went to France for higher education. Hakob enrolled "Ecole Polytechnique"at the age of 28 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science.

At that time in the country employment prevailed, and even specialty of electrical engineering could find no application. Past contacts helped. Shahatuni, who worked in Paris, dedicated himself to the art of make-up, intending to make a revolution in that field. He was on the way to the creation of self-transformation school. He took Hakob in a group at the cinema-studio "Pathe" and began to teach him to "make face". The assistant was capable. So much, that in a short time he not only helped the teacher to make miracles, but reached his own theory of cinema image.

Over the years of work in cinema industry Arakelyan participated in the creation of three hundred movies. In 1933, he created a "full and entire" image of the hero of the French film "Nameless Street." The picture became successful in box-office terms. In 1934 Hakob gave Max Maksudyan appearance of Christ in the "Calvary" - so authentic that the clerical societies in the US demanded a judicial punishment for the crew, and at the same time banned the leading actor from entering the country.

In 1935 Arakelyan made makeup for heroes "Streetcar's Desire", in the 1940 th - for "Fathers and Sons", in the 1942 - "Venerable Catherine" ...

In 1956, Brigitte Bardot appeared in the movie "And God Created Woman" by Roger Vadim in the guise, "created" by our compatriot's hands. Make-up for her in the film "Dangerous Games", as well as for Bourvil in "All the gold in the world" is his skill.

In 1962, after publication of the book, Arakelyan was invited to the Academy "Boz Art" to lecture on the art of makeup. With the same purpose, he visited Romania, Yugoslavia, Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain and the USSR.

And in 1966, he visited Armenia again, where subsequently he repeatedly returned.

Preface to his famous book was written by one of his students, perhaps the most talented one, Charlie Hubeseryan. Now he is the owner of the studio, with a large staff. He started with small jobs on television and grew up in a make-up artist, who not only transforms actors, but also gives the appearance of statesmen the necessary emphasis. Heads and members of the royal families contact him in the case of the upcoming celebration.

Preface to his famous book was written by Jean-Paul Belmondo - he was dedicated interesting pages. As for other famous people, which the author managed to meet with. Among them:

Charles de Gaulle - "Do not worry, my boy. I'm the same as all your customers and even easier. After all, I do not need to transform into a handsome man, I am no Jean Marais. "

Liza Minnelli - "Why, I wonder, I do not have to emphasize my origin, if I matured on pilaf, dolma and sarma of my grandmotherShoghakat. It is thanks to Shogo beloved - an Armenian from Izmir, Minnelli clan gave artists. You should have seen how wonderful ahe parodies. "

Hubeseryan does not intend to transfer his skills to literal heirs.

- But I have a worthy successor. He is Ian Malikyan.